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Barry Pepper Barry Pepper

Barry Pepper

Barry Pepper

Date of Birth
April 4, 1970
53 years old
Zodiac sign
Actor, Producer

Biography of Barry Pepper

Barry Pepper - Canadian actor. He was born April 4, 1970 in Campbell River, Canada.
Best known for his work on Battlefield Earth (2000), The Green Mile (1999), Saving Private Ryan (1998), True Grit (2010).

Popular Movies

The Green Mile 8.8
The Green Mile (1999)
Saving Private Ryan 8.2
Saving Private Ryan (1998)
Seven Pounds 7.8
Seven Pounds (2008)


Awake 4.9
Awake Awake
Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller 2021, USA
Trigger Point 5
Trigger Point Trigger Point
Action, Detective, Thriller 2021, Canada
Crawl 6.7
Crawl Crawl
Horror 2019, USA
Running with the Devil 5.4
Running with the Devil Running with the Devil
Thriller, Crime, Action 2018, USA / Colombia
Bitter Harvest 5.9
Bitter Harvest Bitter Harvest
Drama, Romantic, War 2017, Canada
Monster Trucks 6.4
Monster Trucks Monster Trucks
Sci-Fi, Action, Comedy 2016, USA
How to Change the World 7.5
How to Change the World How to change the world
Documentary 2015, Great Britain / Canada
Kill the Messenger 6.9
Kill the Messenger Kill the Messenger
Thriller, Crime, Drama, Detective 2014, USA
The Lone Ranger 6.9
The Lone Ranger The Lone Ranger
Thriller, Action, Western 2013, USA
Broken City 6.7
Broken City Broken City
Drama, Thriller, Crime 2013, USA
Snitch 6.8
Snitch Snitch
Action, Drama, Thriller 2013, USA
Casino Jack 6
Casino Jack Casino Jack
Thriller 2010, Canada
True Grit 7.6
True Grit True Grit
Drama, Western 2010, USA
Princess Kaiulani 6.1
Princess Kaiulani Princess Kaiulani
Drama 2009, USA / Great Britain
Flags of our Fathers 7.4
Flags of our Fathers Flags of Our Fathers
War, Drama, Action 2006, USA
Unknown 6.7
Unknown Unknown
Drama, Thriller, Mystery 2006, USA
We Were Soldiers 7.2
We Were Soldiers We Were Soldiers
War, Drama, History 2002, USA / Germany
25th Hour 7.6
25th Hour 25th Hour
Action 2002, USA
Knockaround Guys 6.1
Knockaround Guys Knockaround Guys
Crime, Drama, Thriller 2001, USA
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