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Valentin Gaft Valentin Gaft

Valentin Gaft

Valentin Gaft

Date of Birth
September 2, 1935
85 years old
Zodiac sign
Date of death
December 12, 2020
Actor, Producer

Biography of Valentin Gaft

Valentin Gaft - Soviet and Russian actor. He was born September 2, 1935 in Moscow, Russia.
Best known for his work on films like The Feasts of Belshazzar, or a Night with Stalin (1989), Lost in Siberia (1991), 12 (2007) and The Master and Margarita (2005) TV series.

Popular Movies


Hotel Transylvania 2 7.4
Hotel Transylvania 2 Hotel Transylvania 2
Family, Animation, Comedy 2015, United States of America
The Milky Way 5.6
The Milky Way
Comedy 2015, Russia
Igra v dzhin
Theatrical 2015, Russia
Comedy, Drama 2015, Russia
Yolki 3 6.8
Yolki 3
Comedy 2013, Russia
Ot vinta 3D 6
Ot vinta 3D
Animation 2012, Russia
Action, Drama, War 2011, Russia
Once Upon a Time in Odessa
Once Upon a Time in Odessa
Romantic, Adventure 2011, Russia
Burnt by the Sun 2:Escape 5.8
Burnt by the Sun 2:Escape
Drama 2010, Germany / Russia / France
Kniga masterov 6
Kniga masterov
Family, Fairy Tale 2009, Russia
Prityazhenie 6.2
Thriller, Romantic 2009, Ukraine
The Tale Of Despereaux 6.8
The Tale Of Despereaux The Tale Of Despereaux
Comedy, Fairy Tale, Adventure, Animation, Family 2008, Great Britain / United States of America
Attack on Leningrad 7.5
Attack on Leningrad
History, War, Drama 2007, Russia / Great Britain
12 7.4
12 12
Thriller, Drama, Crime 2007, Russia
Karnavalnaya noch 2, ili 50 let spustya 3.5
Karnavalnaya noch 2, ili 50 let spustya
Musical, Comedy 2006, Russia
Tender Age 7.2
Tender Age
Drama 2000, Russia
Old Hags 5.7
Old Hags
Comedy 1999, Russia
Nebo v almazah 5.7
Nebo v almazah
Comedy, Crime 1999, Russia / France
Sympathy Seeker 7
Sympathy Seeker
Comedy, Romantic 1997, Russia
Ya svoboden, ya nichey
Romantic 1994, Russia
Master i Margarita 7
Master i Margarita
Drama 1994, Russia
Promised Heaven 7.6
Promised Heaven
Comedy, Drama 1991, USSR
Lost in Siberia 6.7
Lost in Siberia Lost in Siberia
Drama, Romantic 1991, USSR / Great Britain
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