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Chris Pine Chris Pine

Chris Pine

Chris Pine

Date of Birth
August 26, 1980
42 years old
Zodiac sign
Actor, Producer
183 cm

Biography of Chris Pine


Chris Pine became the youngest actor ever in the role of Captain Kirk: he was just 28 years old when the shooting of 'Star Trek' (2009) began. Pine's father previously starred in the TV series of the same name, although he played a different role. Interestingly enough, Pine did not pass the audition immediately. At first the director wasn't interested, but then the director's wife insisted that he give Chris another chance. In the end it took two auditions for Chris to get the part. Despite the fact that his whole family comes from the film industry, Chris himself preferred to make his own way into Hollywood. To earn a living between auditions, he worked in a bakery, at the construction site, in a restaurant. Most of Pine's characters on screen are in excellent physical shape, so the actor himself has to constantly spend time in the gym, although he actually can't stand working out. The actor admits that the sport feels like an incredibly boring thing to him, and he has to force himself to work out. In order not to die from boredom, Pine tries to switch between different kinds of training: running, swimming, boxing.

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