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Dwayne Johnson Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson

Date of Birth
May 2, 1972
50 years old
Zodiac sign
Actor, Producer
196 cm

Biography of Dwayne Johnson

The future actor started his career in the ring. He became a wrestler, just like his grandfather and his dad – although initially his family was not thrilled that the young man also became interested in the sport. It wasn't until Johnson was crushed by a barbell in the gym that his father began training with him, if only to keep him safe and keep an eye on him. As a teenager, Johnson engaged in petty thefts with his buddies, for which he repeatedly came to the attention of the police. The Rock dreamed of dedicating his life to professional soccer and even signed a contract with a Canadian soccer club. However, a back injury forced him to leave soccer for good. This led to a prolonged depression, which The Rock barely managed to overcome. One of Dwayne's main stunt doubles is his cousin. But some of the stunts Johnson performed himself – such as the descent in a helicopter in 'San Andreas'. Later the actor admitted that he would hardly dare to do something like that again. Every day Dwayne needs more than 5,000 calories just to maintain his fairly insane muscle mass. He eats almost a couple of pounds of fish and 12 eggs a day. And on his 'cheat days' he can eat up to four pizzas and 20 muffins.

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