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Eva Mendes Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes

Date of Birth
March 5, 1974
49 years old
Zodiac sign
Actress, Director
165 cm
Eye color
dark brown

Biography of Eva Mendes

The future star was born into a family of migrants from Cuba and did not even think about an acting career. She was going to be an interior designer and even went to university to study in that field. However, Eva failed to finish her education, having drawn the attention of Hollywood agents instead. For Mendes, the most unpleasant aspect of a celebrity life is the need to attend high-profile events. She admits that she prefers to stay at home in the company of her loved ones rather than talk to strangers. In clothing, Mendes favors the vintage style of the '60s, complementing the look with modern details. She likes unusual patterns and bright colors. But there are practically no black items in her closet - she does not like this color. The list of Eva's favorite accessories includes scarves and bags. Some years ago the actress ended up in rehab. She was diagnosed with depression, which she tried to numb with illegal substances. Eva does not eat meat, but she does have fish in her diet. She loves sushi.

Popular Movies

Holy Motors
Holy Motors (2012)
2 Fast 2 Furious
Last Night
Last Night (2010)


Lost River 7.6
Lost River Lost River
Fantasy, Thriller 2014, USA
Girl in Progress 6.9
Girl in Progress Girl in Progress
Drama, Comedy 2012, USA
Holy Motors 8
Holy Motors Holy Motors
Drama 2012, France
Last Night 7.7
Last Night Last Night
Drama, Romantic 2010, USA
The Other Guys 7.4
The Other Guys The Other Guys
Comedy, Action 2010, USA
The Spirit 5.5
The Spirit The Spirit
Adventure, Comedy 2009, USA
The Women 7.4
The Women The Women
Drama, Comedy 2008, USA
Ghost Rider 7.6
Ghost Rider The Ghost Rider
Thriller, Action, Fantasy 2007, USA
We Own the Night 6.9
We Own the Night We Own the Night
Crime, Drama 2007, USA
Cleaner 7.6
Cleaner Cleaner
Thriller 2007, USA
Live! 5
Live! Live!
Drama, Comedy 2007, USA
Hitch 7.6
Hitch Hitch
Comedy, Romantic 2005, USA
Trust the Man 5.6
Trust the Man Trust The Man
Drama, Comedy 2005, USA
The Wendell Baker Story 6.3
The Wendell Baker Story The Wendell Baker Story
Romantic, Drama, Comedy 2005, USA / Germany
Out of Time 7.5
Out of Time Out of Time
Crime, Drama, Thriller 2003, USA
2 Fast 2 Furious 7.9
2 Fast 2 Furious 2 Fast 2 Furious
Action, Thriller, Drama, Crime 2003, USA / Germany
Training Day 7.5
Training Day Training Day
Thriller, Crime, Drama 2001, USA / Australia
My Brother the Pig 5.8
My Brother the Pig My Brother the Pig
Comedy, Fairy Tale, Family 1999, USA
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