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Bruce Willis Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

Date of Birth
March 19, 1955
67 years old
Zodiac sign
Actor, Producer

Biography of Bruce Willis

As a child, Bruce Willis suffered from a stutter, and certainly didn't dream of building a career in Hollywood. Willis signed up for the school's drama club only to cope with speech defects. And it worked: getting a role in the first production, Bruce began to speak freely and without stutter once he got up on that stage. Willis would later admit that this was the only reason he stayed in the drama club, having managed to get rid of stutter completely. The actor has another peculiarity, but he did not try to actually fix it. Willis is left-handed in real life, and in some of his movies, you can see that he uses his left hand to do some basic stuff. At the beginning of his career, Bruce was fond not only of filming, but also of music. He even released two solo albums, with a couple of Willis' songs having reached the top of the music charts. However, his affair with music had to stop eventually. After 'Die Hard' release Willis was getting an insane amount of offers. The actor decided to focus on a career in Hollywood, and all the singing became just a fun hobby, nothing more.

Popular Movies

The Fifth Element
Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction (1994)
RED (2010)


A Day to Die 4.3
A Day to Die A Day to Die
Action, Crime, Drama 2022, United States of America
Vendetta 4.9
Vendetta Vendetta
Action, Thriller 2022, United States of America
Corrective Measures 4.4
Corrective Measures Corrective Measures
Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller 2022, United States of America
Wrong Place 3.2
Wrong Place Wrong Place
Action, Crime, Thriller 2022, United States of America
White Elephant 4.5
White Elephant White Elephant
Action, Thriller 2022, United States of America
Wire Room 3.5
Wire Room Wire Room
Action, Thriller 2022, United States of America
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