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Rushmore Rushmore
Rushmore Rushmore 1998 / USA
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Music from Rushmore (1998)

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Rushmore (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Rushmore (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 20 tracks. Марк Мазерсбо, The Creation, Unit 4 + 2, The Kinks, Chad & Jeremy, Cat Stevens, The Who, Zoot Sims Quartet, Yves Montand, John Lennon, The Faces
Title Artist Time
1 Hardest Geometry Problem In the World (From The "Rushmore" Soundtrack) Марк Мазерсбо 1:29
2 Making Time The Creation 2:55
3 Concrete & Clay Unit 4 + 2 / Brian Parker 2:17
4 Nothing In This World Can Stop Me Worrin' Bout That Girl The Kinks / Ray Davies 2:43
5 Sharp Little Guy (From The "Rushmore" Soundtrack) Марк Мазерсбо 0:43
6 The Lad With the Silver Button (From The "Rushmore" Soundtrack) Марк Мазерсбо 1:00
7 A Summer Song Chad & Jeremy / Metcalfe 2:37
8 Edward Appleby (From The "Rushmore" Soundtrack) Марк Мазерсбо 0:42
9 Here Comes My Baby Cat Stevens 2:55
10 A Quick One, While He's Away The Who / Pete Townshend 8:41
11 Snowflake Music (From The "Rushmore" Soundtrack) Марк Мазерсбо 0:37
12 Piranhas Are a Very Tricky Species (From The "Rushmore" Soundtrack) Марк Мазерсбо 1:20
13 Blinuet Zoot Sims Quartet / George Handy 4:35
14 Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends (From The "Rushmore" Soundtrack) Марк Мазерсбо 1:23
15 Rue St. Vincent Yves Montand / Aristide Bruant 3:22
16 Kite Flying Society (From The "Rushmore" Soundtrack) Марк Мазерсбо 1:19
17 The Wind Cat Stevens 1:40
18 Oh Yoko John Lennon 4:16
19 Ooh La La The Faces / Ron Wood 3:28
20 Margaret Yang's Theme (From The "Rushmore" Soundtrack) Марк Мазерсбо 1:17
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