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Emmanuil Vitorgan Emmanuil Vitorgan

Emmanuil Vitorgan

Emmanuil Vitorgan

Date of Birth
December 27, 1939
83 years old
Zodiac sign

Biography of Emmanuil Vitorgan

Emmanuil Vitorgan (Эммануил Гедеонович Виторган) - Russian actor. He was born December 27, 1939 in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Best known for his work on films like Fateful Sunday (1983), The Fortress (1979), Po Taganke khodyat tanki (1991) and Dama v ochkakh, s ruzhyom, v avtomobile (2002) TV series.

Popular Movies

Nechayannye radosti 8.5
Nechayannye radosti (1972)
Kortik 7.7
Kortik (1973)
Скандальное происшествие в Брикмилле 7.6
Скандальное происшествие в Брикмилле (1981)


Ne dozhdetes
Ne dozhdetes
Romantic 2023, Russia
Kometa Galleya 5.3
Kometa Galleya
Comedy, Romantic 2020, Russia
Taynaya lyubov
Taynaya lyubov
Drama, Romantic 2019, Ukraine
Motylek 5.4
Action, Drama 2018, Russia
Odnazhdy v Amerike ili chisto russkaya skazka
Odnazhdy v Amerike ili chisto russkaya skazka
Comedy, Fairy Tale 2018, Russia
Startap 4.7
Drama, Biography 2014, Russia
Yolki 1914 5
Yolki 1914
Comedy 2014, Russia
Lyubov bez lishnih slov
Lyubov bez lishnih slov
Romantic 2013, Russia
Popugay Club 4.2
Popugay Club
Animation, Comedy, Family 2013, Russia
Drama, Romantic 2012, Russia
Moya lyubimaya vedma
Moya lyubimaya vedma
Comedy 2008, Russia
Kapitanskie deti
Kapitanskie deti
Drama, Crime, Romantic 2007, Russia
Medvezhya ohota 5.8
Medvezhya ohota
Action, Drama 2007, Russia
The Ant Bully 6.1
The Ant Bully The Ant Bully
Family, Fairy Tale, Animation, Comedy, Adventure 2006, USA
Neznayka i Barrabass 6.2
Neznayka i Barrabass
Crime, Comedy, Animation 2004, Russia
Scam 4.5
Detective 2001, Russia
Chyornaya komnata
Chyornaya komnata
Thriller 2000, Russia
And the Wind Returneth
Drama, Biography 1991, USA / USSR
Frenzied Bus 6.3
Frenzied Bus
Thriller, Drama, Crime 1991, USSR
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