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Tim Roth Tim Roth

Tim Roth

Tim Roth

Date of Birth
May 14, 1961
62 years old
Zodiac sign
Actor, Producer
173 cm

Biography of Tim Roth

Tim Roth - British actor. He was born May 14, 1961 in Dulwich, United Kingdom.
Best known for his work on films like Pulp Fiction (1994), Rob Roy (1995), The Visitor (2001), The Hateful Eight (2015).


Last King of the Cross
Last King of the Cross
Drama, Crime 2023, Australia
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
Comedy, Sci-Fi, Adventure 2022, USA
Dali Land 7.1
Dali Land Daliland
Biography, Drama 2022, USA
The Jesuit 6.2
The Jesuit There Are No Saints
Action, Crime, Thriller 2022, Mexico
Punch 7.1
Punch Punch
Drama 2022, New Zealand
The Misfits 4.7
The Misfits The Misfits
Action, Adventure, Thriller 2021, USA
Sundown 6.4
Sundown Sundown
Drama 2021, France / Mexico / Sweden
The Song of Names 6.6
The Song of Names The Song of Names
Drama 2019, Germany / Canada / Great Britain
Luce 6.7
Luce Luce
Drama 2019, USA
The Padre 6.2
The Padre The Padre
Drama 2018, Canada
Tin Star 7.5
Tin Star
Drama, Crime, Thriller 2017, Great Britain
1 Mile to You 6.2
1 Mile to You Life at These Speeds
Drama, Romantic 2017, USA
Hardcore Henry 7.2
Hardcore Henry Hardcore
Action, Sci-Fi 2015, Russia / USA
The Keys to the Street The Keys to the Street
Thriller 2015, Great Britain / USA
The Hateful Eight 7.7
The Hateful Eight The Hateful Eight
Comedy, Western, Thriller 2015, USA
600 Miles 5.4
600 Miles 600 Millas
Thriller, Drama 2015, Mexico / USA
Mr. Right 5.7
Mr. Right Mr. Right
Romantic, Comedy, Action 2015, USA
Chronic 6.4
Chronic Chronic
Drama 2015, Mexico / France
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