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Kevin Spacey Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey

Date of Birth
July 26, 1959
63 years old
Zodiac sign
Actor, Producer

Biography of Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey Fowler is an American movie star, filmmaker, film director, comedian, and screenwriter. He was born on July 26, 1959, in South Orange, New Jersey. Both his parents worked in the administrative field; his dad, Thomas Geoffrey Fowler, was a professional writer and data analyst, whereas his mother, Kathleen Ann Fowler, was a secretary.

He is the youngest among his siblings. He started taking interest in acting when he was a student at Chatsworth High School and went on to star in a number of theatre performances put on by the school.

When he was a kid, he caused a lot of disturbance and was frequently kicked out of school as a result. First, he attended Northridge Military Academy; after that he attended Canoga Park High School, and subsequently, he also attended Chatsworth High School in Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, wherein he graduated as the valedictorian of his class in 1977. In total, he attended three high schools.

After graduating, he pursued a career in stand-up comedy in the amateur comedy club circuit. He honed his skills as a celebrity impersonator and performed impressions of celebrities such as Johnny Carson, Christopher Walken, and Al Pacino.

Following that, in 1979, on the recommendation of a recent classmate, he participated in the drama school at Julliard in NYC and continued his education there until 1981. In the 1980s, he started his acting career as a stage actor and later bagged supporting roles in films and on TV.

His first major break came when the character of Roger "Verbal" Kint in the 1995 criminal thriller 'The Usual Suspects' was presented to him. He took on the character of a fraudster who was one of just two people to survive a massacre and fire that took place aboard a ship that was anchored at the Port of Los Angeles.

The director, Sam Mendes, of the movie "American Beauty" (1999), approached Kevin Spacey about playing the role of Lester Burnham, a middle-aged office administrator, in the picture. After agreeing to play the part, Spacey went on to get widespread recognition for his performance as the character, which catapulted him to the status of a Hollywood superstar.

In the new millennium, he starred in "The United States of Leland," "Recount," and "The Men Who Stare at Goats" (2009). 1996's Best Supporting Actor Academy Award went to Kevin Spacey for 'The Usual Suspects.'

In 2000, he received another Oscar for Best Actor for 'American Beauty' This character gave him the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, the SAG Award for Outstanding Male Performance in a Leading Role, and indeed the Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor.

Film Star Anthony Rapp alleged Spacey of sexual misconduct in October 2017, he said that he was sexually assaulted by Spacey when he was a teenager. After that, several other people filed charges of sexual misconduct against Spacey that were quite similar to the first. The reporter Heather Unruh, the director Tony Montana, as well as the actor Roberto Cavazos, are among those on this list.

Netflix terminated its contract with Kevin Spacey and said that Spacey would no more be a member of the series “House of Cards” as a direct consequence of accusations of sexual assault against Spacey. Spacey was recently seen in the movie "The Man Who Drew God."

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