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Ilya Frez Ilya Frez

Ilya Frez

Ilya Frez

Date of Birth
September 2, 1909
84 years old
Zodiac sign
Date of death
June 23, 1994
Director, Writer

Biography of Ilya Frez

Ilya Frez (Илья Абрамович Рабинович) - Russian film director. He was born September 2, 1909 in Roslavl, Russia.
Best known for his work on films like We Didn't Learn This (1975), A Traveller with Luggage (1965), Trubachyov's Detachment Is Fighting (1957), Love and Lies (1980).

Popular Movies


Quarantine 7.4
Family, Comedy 1983, USSR
Love and Lies 7.6
Love and Lies
Drama 1980, USSR
Homut dlya markiza 7.2
Homut dlya markiza
Family, Drama 1977, USSR
Chudak iz 5 «B»
Chudak iz 5 «B»
Comedy, Children's 1972, USSR
Crank from 5th B 7.9
Crank from 5th B
Comedy, Family 1972, USSR
Adventures of the Yellow Suitcase 7.8
Adventures of the Yellow Suitcase
Family, Comedy 1970, USSR
Ya vas lyubil 7.5
Ya vas lyubil
Comedy, Family 1967, USSR
Puteshestvennik s bagazhom 6.9
Puteshestvennik s bagazhom
Children's 1965, USSR
Ryzhik 7.3
Ryzhik Ryzhik
Adventure, Family 1960, USSR
Trubachyov's Detachment Is Fighting 7.3
Trubachyov's Detachment Is Fighting
Adventure, War 1957, USSR
Vasyok Trubachyov and His Comrades 7.1
Vasyok Trubachyov and His Comrades
Adventure, Children's 1955, USSR
Elephant and rope 7.1
Elephant and rope
Fairy Tale, Family 1947, USSR
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