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Karin Viard Karin Viard

Karin Viard

Karin Viard

Date of Birth
January 24, 1966
57 years old
Zodiac sign
Actress, Director, Writer

Biography of Karin Viard

Karin Viard - French actress. She was born January 24, 1966 in Rouen, France.
Best known for her work on films like The Bélier Family (2014), Paris (2008), Delicatessen (1991), Polisse (2011).

Popular Movies

Potiche (2010)


Les Fantasmes 7.1
Les Fantasmes Les fantasmes
Comedy 2021, France
Tokyo Shaking 6.1
Tokyo Shaking Tokyo Shaking
Drama 2021, France / Belgium
Les apparences 6.1
Les apparences Les apparences
Crime, Drama, Thriller 2020, France / Belgium
Perfect Nanny 5.5
Perfect Nanny Chanson douce
Crime, Drama 2019, France
Families 6.6
Families Belles familles
Comedy, Drama 2015, France
Lolo 5.7
Lolo Lolo
Comedy 2015, France
Week-ends 5.5
Week-ends Week-ends
Drama 2014, France
La famille Bélier 7.3
La famille Bélier La famille Bélier
Comedy, Drama, Music 2014, France / Belgium
Love Is the Perfect Crime 5
Love Is the Perfect Crime L'amour est un crime parfait
Drama, Thriller 2013, France / Switzerland
Lulu femme nue 6.5
Lulu femme nue Lulu femme nue
Drama, Comedy 2013, France
Potiche 7.6
Potiche Potiche
Comedy 2010, France
Change of Plans 5.7
Change of Plans Le code a changé
Romantic, Comedy 2009, France
Happy End 6.1
Happy End Les derniers jours du monde
Sci-Fi 2009, France / Spain / Taiwan, Province of China
Paris 7.1
Paris Paris
Comedy, Romantic, Drama 2008, France
Hell 5.7
Hell Enfer, L`
Drama 2005, France / Italy / Belgium / Japan
La Séparation 6.9
La Séparation Séparation, La
Drama, Romantic 1994, France
Delicatessen 6.9
Delicatessen Delicatessen
Horror, Fantasy, Romantic, Drama, Comedy 1991, France
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