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Stanislav Govorukhin

Stanislav Govorukhin

Date of Birth
March 29, 1936
82 years old
Zodiac sign
Date of death
June 14, 2018
Director, Writer, Actor

Biography of Stanislav Govorukhin

Stanislav Govorukhin (Станислав Сергеевич Говорухин) - Soviet and Russian film director, screenwriter and actor (1936-2018). He was born March 29, 1936 in Berezniki, Russia.
Best known for his work on The Voroshilov Shooter (1999), Bless the Woman (2003), Weekend (2013), The End of Beautiful Era (2015).

Popular Movies


On the Moon 6.8
On the Moon
Drama 2020, Russia
Opasnye kanikuly 4.8
Opasnye kanikuly
Children's, Adventure, Family 2016, Russia
Konec prekrasnoy epohi 7.3
Konec prekrasnoy epohi
Drama 2015, Russia
Tayna tyomnoy komnaty 6.7
Tayna tyomnoy komnaty
Adventure, Children's 2014, Russia
Weekend 5.7
Weekend Weekend
Drama, Detective 2013, Russia
In Jazz Style 5.6
In Jazz Style
Comedy, Romantic 2010, Russia
Passenger 7.1
Drama, History, Adventure 2009, Russia
V iyune 41-go
V iyune 41-go
War 2008, Russia/Belarus
Artistka 6.5
Comedy, Romantic 2007, Russia
9th Company 7.8
9th Company
Drama, War 2005, Russia / Finland / Ukraine
Ne hlebom edinym 5.7
Ne hlebom edinym
Drama, Romantic 2005, Russia
Bless the Woman 5.8
Bless the Woman
Romantic 2003, Russia
The Captain's Daughter 6.5
The Captain's Daughter
Drama, History 2000, Russia / France
The Voroshilov Shooter 7.3
The Voroshilov Shooter
Crime, Drama 1999, Russia
Heads and Tails 7.5
Heads and Tails
Romantic, Comedy 1995, Russia
The Black Veil 6.5
The Black Veil Black Veil
Romantic, Crime 1995, Russia
And the Wind Returneth
Drama, Biography 1991, United States of America / USSR
Splashes of Champagne 6.6
Splashes of Champagne
War, Drama 1988, USSR
Assa 7.9
Assa Assa
History, Romantic, Musical, Drama 1987, USSR
Desyat Negrityat 8
Desyat Negrityat
Thriller, Detective, Drama 1987, USSR
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