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Steven Seagal Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal

Date of Birth
April 10, 1951
71 years old
Zodiac sign
Producer, Actor, Writer

Biography of Steven Seagal

There is no exact information about the actor's origin. It is known that he has Jewish, German, and Dutch backgrounds. Also his paternal relatives came from Russia. His parents claimed that his grandfather was Mongolian and his grandmother was born in Vladivostok. At the age of 7, Steven Seagal began to study karate, and since then he became interested in martial arts. When he turned 17, he moved to Japan to study aikido. Since then, Steven Seagal speaks perfect Japanese. At first the actor honed his martial arts skills in fights on the street. He was a troubled teenager. In 2016, Steven received Russian citizenship. Funnily enough, in America Steven Seagal is known not so much for his films as for his jazz performances. The actor considers music to be his life's work. Seagal is a practicing Buddhist. He has repeatedly said that in his past life he was a lama who reached enlightenment. By the way, his statements were confirmed by Tibet. The actor collects weapons. There are about a thousand pieces in his collection. Another of Seagal's pretty unusual hobbies is raising mulberry silkworms for sale.

Popular Movies

Executive Decision
Under Siege
Under Siege (1992)
Machete (2010)


Тайна печати дракона 6.4
Тайна печати дракона
Adventure, Fantasy 2019, Russia / China
Beyond the Law 4
Beyond the Law Beyond the Law
Action, Crime 2019, United States of America
General Commander 3.3
General Commander General Commander
Action, Drama, Thriller 2019, Great Britain / Philippines / Hungary
End of a Gun 4.7
End of a Gun End of a Gun
Action, Thriller, Crime 2016, United States of America
The Perfect Weapon 3
The Perfect Weapon The Perfect Weapon
Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller 2016, United States of America / Spain / Sweden
Gutshot Straight 2
Gutshot Straight Gutshot Straight
Thriller, Action 2014, United States of America
Force of Execution 3.9
Force of Execution Force of Execution
Action 2013, United States of America
Maximum Conviction 4.8
Maximum Conviction Maximum Conviction
Action, Thriller 2012, United States of America
Machete 7.5
Machete Machete
Action, Crime, Thriller 2010, United States of America
A Dangerous Man 5.1
A Dangerous Man A Dangerous Man
Action, Thriller 2009, United States of America
The Keeper 5.5
The Keeper The Keeper
Action, Thriller, Crime 2009, United States of America
Driven to Kill 5.3
Driven to Kill Driven to Kill
Action, Thriller, Crime 2009, United States of America / Canada / Russia
Against the Dark 3.2
Against the Dark Against the Dark
Action, Adventure, Fantasy 2009, United States of America / Romania
Pistol Whipped 5.2
Pistol Whipped Pistol Whipped
Action, Crime, Drama 2008, United States of America
Kill Switch 3.9
Kill Switch Kill Switch
Action, Crime, Drama 2008, Canada / United States of America
The Onion Movie 6.2
The Onion Movie The Onion Movie
Comedy 2008, United States of America
Urban Justice 5.2
Urban Justice Urban Justice
Action, Crime, Thriller 2007, United States of America
Mercenary for Justice 4.1
Mercenary for Justice Mercenary for Justice
Action, Thriller, Drama 2006, United States of America / South Africa
Into the Sun 4.5
Into the Sun Into the Sun
Action, Thriller 2005, United States of America / Japan
The Foreigner 3.4
The Foreigner The Foreigner
Action, Thriller 2003, United States of America / Poland
Half Past Dead 4.7
Half Past Dead Half Past Dead
Action, Thriller 2002, Germany / United States of America
Exit Wounds 5.6
Exit Wounds Exit Wounds
Action 2001, United States of America
Fire Down Below 5.1
Fire Down Below Fire Down Below
Action, Drama, Thriller 1997, United States of America
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