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Vladimir Vysotsky Vladimir Vysotsky

Vladimir Vysotsky

Vladimir Vysotsky

Date of Birth
January 25, 1938
42 years old
Zodiac sign
Date of death
July 25, 1980

Biography of Vladimir Vysotsky

Vladimir Vysotsky - Soviet singer, songwriter, poet and actor (1938-1980). He was born January 25, 1938 in Moscow, Russia.
Best known for his work on films such as Warrior (2011), The Bad Good Man (1973), Atomic Blonde (2017) and The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed (1979) TV series.


She is the only one 6.5
She is the only one
Romantic 1975, USSR
The Arrows of Robin Hood 7.1
The Arrows of Robin Hood
Action, Adventure, History 1975, USSR
The Bad Good Man 7.5
The Bad Good Man
Drama, History 1973, USSR
Stop Potapov! 7.9
Stop Potapov!
Romantic, Short 1973, USSR
Dangerous Tour 6.5
Dangerous Tour
History, Action 1969, USSR
Two Comrades Were Serving 8
Two Comrades Were Serving
War, Drama 1968, USSR
The Master of Taiga 6.8
The Master of Taiga
Detective, Adventure, Drama 1968, USSR
Intervention 7
Comedy, Drama 1967, USSR
Vertical 7
Drama, Adventure 1966, USSR
The Cook 6.4
The Cook
1965, USSR
Штрафной удар 6.6
Штрафной удар
Comedy, Sport 1963, USSR
Dima Gorin's Career 7.4
Dima Gorin's Career
Romantic, Comedy 1961, USSR
Female Age-Mates 6.8
Female Age-Mates
Romantic 1959, USSR
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