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Jamie Dornan Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan

Date of Birth
May 1, 1982
40 years old
Zodiac sign
180 cm
Eye color

Biography of Jamie Dornan

The actor admits that he does not watch his diet. He eats everything, and his favorite foods are burgers and fries. Jamie is one of those lucky few who don't have to worry about gaining weight. For a long time Dornan had a complex because of his gait. The actor said that it often drew the attention of others who were constantly giving him advice on how to walk properly. Dornan unknowingly stepped on his toes, which makes the gait seem springy. Funnily enough, for this very reason the actor has well-developed calf muscles. Preparing for the filming of 'Fifty Shades of Grey', Dornan had to take foxtrot lessons. Learning to dance was not easy, but the teacher finally taught him to step properly, from heel to toe. Jamie doesn't like to shave off his beard, even if a new project requires it. He thinks a beard makes him look more masculine, and he feels more confident and relaxed with it. Dornan broke his nose three times. Once he was hit by a ball during tennis practice. The second time he was injured playing rugby, and the third time, during a bar fight.

Popular Movies

Once Upon a Time
The Fall
The Fall (2013)


Heart of Stone Heart of Stone
Action, Crime, Thriller 2023, United States of America
A Haunting in Venice A Haunting in Venice
Detective, Crime, Drama 2023,
The Tourist
The Tourist
Drama, Thriller, Detective 2022, Australia/United States of America/Great Britain
Belfast 6.5
Belfast Belfast
Drama 2021, Great Britain
Endings, Beginnings 5.6
Endings, Beginnings Endings, Beginnings
Romantic 2020, United States of America / Korea
Wild Mountain Thyme 5.9
Wild Mountain Thyme Wild Mountain Thyme
Drama, Romantic 2020, Ireland
Synchronic 6.8
Synchronic Synchronic
Horror, Sci-Fi 2019, United States of America
Death and Nightingales
Death and Nightingales
Drama, Romantic 2018, Great Britain
Fifty Shades Freed 6.9
Fifty Shades Freed Fifty Shades Freed
Romantic 2018, United States of America
Robin Hood 7.3
Robin Hood Robin Hood
Adventure 2018, United States of America
A Private War 6.8
A Private War A Private War
Biography, Drama, War 2018, Great Britain / United States of America
Untogether 5.1
Untogether Untogether
Drama 2018, United States of America
My Dinner with Hervé 7
My Dinner with Hervé My Dinner with Hervé
Drama 2018, United States of America
Fifty Shades Darker 7.6
Fifty Shades Darker Fifty Shades Darker
Drama, Romantic 2017, United States of America
Anthropoid 7.5
Anthropoid Anthropoid
Thriller, War, Biography 2016, Great Britain / France / Czechia
The Siege of Jadotville 7.2
The Siege of Jadotville The Siege of Jadotville
Action 2016, Ireland / South Africa
Fifty Shades of Grey 4.3
Fifty Shades of Grey Fifty Shades of Grey
Drama, Romantic 2015, United States of America
The 9th Life of Louis Drax 7.2
The 9th Life of Louis Drax The 9th Life of Louis Drax
Thriller 2015, United States of America / Great Britain / Canada
Burnt 6.9
Burnt Burnt
Comedy 2015, United States of America
Flying Home 6.1
Flying Home Flying Home
Romantic, Drama 2014, Belgium / Germany
The Fall 8
The Fall
Drama, Crime, Thriller 2013, Great Britain
Once Upon a Time 8.7
Once Upon a Time
Drama, Fantasy, Romantic 2011, United States of America
Marie Antoinette 7.5
Marie Antoinette Marie Antoinette
Biography, Drama 2006, Japan / France / United States of America
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