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Jessica Lange Jessica Lange

Jessica Lange

Jessica Lange

Date of Birth
April 20, 1949
74 years old
Zodiac sign
Actress, Producer

Biography of Jessica Lange

Jessica Lange (Jessica Phyllis Lange) - American actress. She was born April 20, 1949 in Cloquet, United States of America.
Best known for her work on King Kong (1976), Frances (1982), Blue Sky (1991), Tootsie (1982).

Popular Movies

Big Fish 7.9
Big Fish (2003)
All That Jazz 7.9
All That Jazz (1979)
American Horror Story 7.8
American Horror Story (2011)


Marlowe 6.3
Marlowe Marlowe
Thriller 2022, USA
The Politician 6.1
The Politician
Drama, Comedy 2019, USA
Feud: Bette and Joan 7.6
Feud: Bette and Joan
Drama 2017, USA
Wild Oats 6.4
Wild Oats Wild Oats
Drama, Comedy, Action 2015, USA
The Gambler 6.3
The Gambler The Gambler
Thriller, Crime, Drama 2014, USA
In Secret 6.4
In Secret In Secret
Thriller, Drama, Crime 2013, USA
American Horror Story 7.8
American Horror Story
Drama, Horror, Thriller 2011, USA
The Vow 7.4
The Vow The Vow
Romantic, Drama 2011, USA
Grey Gardens 7.2
Grey Gardens Grey Gardens
Drama, Biography 2008, USA
Broken Flowers 7.1
Broken Flowers Broken Flowers
Comedy 2005, USA / France
Don't Come Knocking 5.7
Don't Come Knocking Don't Come Knockin'
Drama 2005, France / Germany / USA
Big Fish 7.9
Big Fish Big Fish
Adventure, Fairy Tale, Comedy, Drama 2003, USA
Masked and Anonymous 5.4
Masked and Anonymous Masked and Anonymous
Drama, Comedy, Musical 2003, USA / Great Britain
Cousin Bette 6.2
Cousin Bette Cousin Bette
Drama, Comedy, Romantic 1998, USA / Great Britain
Hush 5.4
Hush Hush
Drama, Thriller 1998, USA
Rob Roy 6.9
Rob Roy Rob Roy
Romantic, Action, Drama, War, History 1995, USA / Great Britain
Cape Fear 7.3
Cape Fear Cape Fear
Thriller, Drama, Horror, Crime 1991, USA
Blue Sky 6.4
Blue Sky Blue Sky
Romantic, Drama 1991, USA
Sweet Dreams 7.3
Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams
Biography, Musical, Drama 1985, USA
Country 6.6
Country Country
Drama 1984, USA
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