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Courteney Cox Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox

Date of Birth
June 15, 1964
58 years old
Zodiac sign
Actress, Producer, Director
165 cm

Biography of Courteney Cox

The actress has an incredible number of brothers and sisters. She was the youngest in a family that already had three children. Soon her parents divorced, and her mother remarried. The new husband turned out to have nine children. So Courtney has three siblings and nine half-siblings. In the cult 'Friends' TV show Cox was originally supposed to play the role of Rachel, but that role eventually went to Aniston. Courtney turned out to have a lot in common with her character, Monica, passion for keeping everything clean and tidy included. So much time had passed since 'Friends' ended, nowadays the actress does not remember the script. Once she even re-watched the whole series to actually be able to talk about 'Friends' in interviews. Some time ago, Cox got really into plastic surgery, but soon regretted it. Now she has learned to accept her age, and no longer uses injectables. The actress admitted that she will never dare to cut her hair short again. Her hair makes her feel attractive, so she's not going to cut it short.

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Comedy, Horror 2022, United States of America
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Scream 4 Scream 4
Horror, Thriller 2011, United States of America
In Search of Ted Demme 6.4
In Search of Ted Demme In Search of Ted Demme
Documentary 2010, United States of America
Cougar Town 7.8
Cougar Town
Comedy 2009, United States of America
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Fantasy, Comedy 2008, United States of America
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Family, Comedy, Animation 2006, Germany / United States of America
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3000 Miles to Graceland 3000 Miles to Graceland
Crime, Drama, Comedy 2001, United States of America
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Drama, Family, Romantic 1989, United States of America/Great Britain
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