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Denise Richards Denise Richards

Denise Richards

Denise Richards

Date of Birth
February 17, 1971
52 years old
Zodiac sign
Actress, Producer
Eye color

Biography of Denise Richards

Among the ancestors of the actress were French, Irish, Germans and Croats. As a child, Denise was insecure and suffered from numerous self-esteem issues. Her classmates even came up with an offensive nickname because of the unusual shape of Denise's lips. Hardly any of them expected that she would soon be called one of the most beautiful and desirable actresses in the world. Richards loves sports. To keep fit, she does yoga. She is also fond of kickboxing. This is what helped her to perform stunts on the set of 'Starship Troopers' (1997) without any problems. The director insisted that the actors work without stunt doubles. Denise's list of hobbies includes interior design and travel. She also loves animals, and even helps stray dogs find a new home. Richards starred in one of Agent 007 movies. However, the audience did not appreciate her character and even named the actress "the worst Bond girl ever". The actress worries that she is often rude. Even the people closest to her sometimes get an earful if Denise is in a bad mood.

Popular Movies

Blue Mountain State 8.1
Blue Mountain State (2010)
Twisted 7.9
Twisted (2013)
Love Actually 7.6
Love Actually (2002)


The Guardians of Justice (Will Save You!)
The Guardians of Justice (Will Save You!)
Comedy, Action, Sci-Fi 2022, USA
Junkyard Dogs 4.8
Junkyard Dogs Junkyard Dogs
Comedy, Family 2022, USA
Wickensburg 4.3
Wickensburg Wickensburg
Adventure, Family 2022, Canada
Money Plane 3.8
Money Plane Money Plane
Action 2020, USA
Alpha Code 3.9
Alpha Code Alpha Code
Detective, Sci-Fi, Thriller 2020, Czechia / USA
Destined to Ride 5.4
Destined to Ride Destined to Ride
Adventure, Family 2018, USA
The Toybox 3.7
The Toybox The Toybox
Horror 2018, USA
American Satan 5.6
American Satan American Satan
Thriller, Drama, Musical 2017, USA
Altitude 4
Altitude Altitude
Action, Crime, Thriller 2017, USA
A Life Lived 4
A Life Lived A life lived
Drama 2016, USA
American Violence 4.8
American Violence American Violence
Thriller, Drama, Crime 2016, USA
Christmas Trade 4.8
Christmas Trade Christmas Trade
Comedy, Family 2015, USA
Twisted 7.9
Drama, Thriller, Detective 2013, USA
Blue Mountain State 8.1
Blue Mountain State
Comedy, Sport 2010, USA
Cougars Inc. 5.6
Cougars Inc. Cougars Inc.
Comedy, Drama 2010, USA
Jolene 6.4
Jolene Jolene
Drama 2008, USA
Love Actually 7.6
Love Actually Love Actually
Drama, Comedy, Romantic 2002, Great Britain / USA
You Stupid Man 5.8
You Stupid Man You Stupid Man
Comedy, Romantic 2002, Canada
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