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Jason Lee Jason Lee

Jason Lee

Jason Lee

Date of Birth
April 25, 1970
53 years old
Zodiac sign
Actor, Producer
187 cm

Biography of Jason Lee

Jason Lee - American actor and professional skateboarder. He was born April 25, 1970 in Orange, United States of America.
Best known for his work on films such as Almost Famous (2000), Chasing Amy (1996), Vanilla Sky (2001) and My Name Is Earl (2005-2009) TV series.

Popular Movies

Dogma (1999)
Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky (2001)


The Harper House
The Harper House
Comedy, Animation 2021, USA
Away and Back 6.1
Away and Back Away and Back
Comedy, Drama, Romantic 2015, USA
Cop Out 7.3
Cop Out Couple of Dicks, A
Comedy, Action 2010, USA
Underdog 4.7
Underdog Underdog
Comedy, Adventure, Family, Sci-Fi 2007, USA
Monster House 7.6
Monster House Monster House
Mystery, Animation, Family 2006, USA
Clerks II 6.9
Clerks II Clerks 2
Drama, Comedy 2006,
My Name Is Earl 8
My Name Is Earl
Comedy 2005, USA
Jersey Girl 7.6
Jersey Girl Jersey Girl
Romantic, Comedy, Drama 2004, USA
The Incredibles 7.5
The Incredibles The Incredibles
Comedy, Family, Action, Adventure, Animation 2004, USA
Dreamcatcher 6.5
Dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher
Sci-Fi, Horror 2003, USA / Canada / Australia
A Guy Thing 5.6
A Guy Thing A Guy Thing
Comedy, Romantic 2003, USA
Vanilla Sky 7.8
Vanilla Sky Vanilla Sky
Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Drama 2001, USA
Heartbreakers 7.5
Heartbreakers Heartbreakers
Romantic, Comedy 2001, USA
Almost Famous 7.5
Almost Famous Almost Famous
Musical, Drama 2000, USA
Dogma 7.8
Dogma Dogma
Comedy, Adventure, Romantic, Sci-Fi 1999, USA
Enemy of the State 7.4
Enemy of the State Enemy of the State
Action, Drama, Thriller 1998, USA
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