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George Clooney George Clooney

George Clooney

George Clooney

Date of Birth
May 6, 1961
61 years old
Zodiac sign
Actor, Producer, Director
180 cm

Biography of George Clooney

George Timothy Clooney is an American actor and filmmaker. He was born on the 6th of May, 1961, in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, and arose in the 1990s as a leading actor with good looks and versatility. He came from a show-business background – his aunt, Rosemary Clooney, was a famous singer and actress, and his father, Nick Clooney, was a broadcast journalist, tv talk show host, and local celebrity. But Clooney didn’t always aspire to be an actor; he wanted to be a professional baseball player. He did qualify for Cincinnati Reds but was never recruited, so he moved to L.A. to pursue an acting career. 

At the start of his career, he appeared in several television sitcoms and had recurring roles in The Facts of Life and Roseanne series, but it was nothing memorable. His breakout role on NBC’s hit show ER pushed Clooney to the top of the Hollywood food chain. For five years, he worked on his famous TV role until the demands of the big screen grew persistent. In 1999 Clooney wrapped up ER to concentrate on his movie career and appeared in the critically acclaimed Three Kings later that year. He starred in O Brother, Where Art Thou (2002) and won a Golden Globe Award for his performance. He also netted an Oscar nomination for Up in the AirBurn After Reading, and the Ocean’s films. 

List of his most prominent films includes: From Dusk till Dawn (1996), Batman & Robin (1997), The Thin Red Line (1998),  Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002), Intolerable Cruelty (2003), Good Night, and Good Luck, Syriana (2005), 

Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009), Gravity (2013), Tomorrowland (2015), and Hail, Caesar! (2016).

In 1989 he married Talia Balsam, but the marriage only lasted three years and ended in divorce. Clooney vowed never to marry again and remained a bachelor until 2014 when he surprised fans with the announcement of his engagement with Amal Alamuddin. They married the same year in September in Venice with a four-day show-stopping wedding celebration. 

George Clooney is famously known as the best actor of all time, which is evident through his several awards. However, most people don’t know that he is also a leading director with seven films and series to his credit. He is also known for his activism and political involvement; he used his popularity to raise funds for 9/11 attack victims and joined forces with Obama in 2006 to criticise the Sudanese military’s actions. He was labelled Messenger of Peace by the United Nations for his efforts. He also donated a whopping million dollars to help the victims of Haiti’s devastating earthquake in 2010. He is currently reuniting with Julia Roberts in the upcoming film Ticket to Paradise, filmed in Australia. 

Popular Movies

ER (1994)
From Dusk till Dawn
The Perfect Storm


Ticket to Paradise 7.1
Ticket to Paradise Ticket to Paradise
Comedy, Romantic 2022, United States of America / Great Britain
The Tender Bar 6.4
The Tender Bar The Tender Bar
Drama 2022, United States of America
The Midnight Sky 5.4
The Midnight Sky The Midnight Sky
Sci-Fi, Drama, Adventure 2020, United States of America
Catch-22 7
Drama, Comedy, War 2019, United States of America
Suburbicon 6.1
Suburbicon Suburbicon
Comedy, Crime, Detective 2017, United States of America
Hail, Caesar! 5.7
Hail, Caesar! Hail, Caesar!
Comedy 2016, United States of America
Tomorrowland 7.5
Tomorrowland Tomorrowland
Sci-Fi 2015, United States of America
Money Monster 7.8
Money Monster Money Monster
Drama, Thriller 2015, United States of America
Our Brand Is Crisis 6.3
Our Brand Is Crisis Our Brand Is Crisis
Drama, Comedy 2015, United States of America
A Very Murray Christmas 5.5
A Very Murray Christmas A Very Murray Christmas
Comedy, Music, Musical 2015, United States of America
The Monuments Men 4.2
The Monuments Men The Monuments Men
War, Biography, Action, Drama 2014, United States of America / Germany
Gravity 7.7
Gravity Gravity
Sci-Fi, Thriller 2013, United States of America / Great Britain
August: Osage County 7
August: Osage County August: Osage County
Comedy, Drama 2013, United States of America
Argo 7.6
Argo Argo
Drama 2012, United States of America
The Ides of March 8
The Ides of March The Ides of March
Drama 2011, United States of America
The Descendants 7.4
The Descendants The Descendants
Drama, Comedy 2011, United States of America
His Way 6.9
His Way His Way
Documentary 2011, United States of America
The American 6.5
The American The American
Thriller, Drama 2010, United States of America
Fantastic Mr. Fox 7.2
Fantastic Mr. Fox The Fantastic Mr. Fox
Comedy, Animation, Adventure 2009, United States of America
Up in the Air 7.5
Up in the Air Up in the Air
Comedy, Drama 2009, United States of America
The Men Who Stare at Goats 5.6
The Men Who Stare at Goats The Men Who Stare at Goats
Comedy 2009, United States of America
Burn After Reading 7.2
Burn After Reading Burn After Reading
Drama, Comedy 2008, United States of America
Ocean's Thirteen 6.9
Ocean's Thirteen Ocean’s Thirteen
Crime, Comedy, Drama, Thriller 2007, United States of America
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